The Self-Love Apothecary

Herbal-infused body care products made with all-natural ingredients, perfectly handcrafted for sensitive skin. Removable, custom fit waistbeads. Everything handmade with love and intention. Find everything you need for your self-care and self-love routine here.

Body care

Honey Luv Sugar Scrub
Hydrated- Body Moisturizer
  • Aligned- 7 Chakra Waistbeads

    Waistbeads with colored gemstones, each representing one of the 7 chakra points to support physical, mental, and spiritual wellness.

  • Elevated

    Waistbeads with colors and gemstones representing the crown and 3rd eye chakras. These chakra points enhance intuition and mental clarity.

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Rediscover yourself through self care

As we age, we tend to get lost in the rat race, in school, in our education, in our careers, in our children, in our relationships. We can become so invested in these things that we lose a little bit of who we are and the things that we enjoy become a second thought. We need and we deserve time to rest, time to heal, and time to reflect.

Unlearn the idea that everyone else's needs should come before your own. Invest your time, money, and effort into things that turn basic tasks on your todo list into a luxury experience.